Monday, August 3, 2009

National Night Out at City Hall

Dear countrymen,

Please join me at the Rally for National Night Out at City Hall in Jersey City.

In the past, Jersey City has sponsored block parties as rallies to combat street crime. This year, the rally will converge on City Hall to combat corruption and political crimes, the most egregious of which is me not getting an award.

I will be at the rally protesting the fact that I have not yet received the award, which I used to ask for politely. Feel free to make signs, like "Who do I have to f***ing bribe to get Melissa Surach an award?" or "If you don't give Melissa Surach an award, I will f**k the s**t out of you." I encourage obsenities.

I will be there dressed in gold body makeup, possibly pretending to be a statue as a means of earning tips/donations for my cause. Steve Fulop, local hearthrob and wonderboy Councilman will speak.

Feel free to ask me for an autograph, or get one from the local superstars like Mariano Vega, Official 4 (Mayor Healy), and others who were indicted/implicated the last week's state wide corruption sweep.

National Night Out at City Hall
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
6:00 pm - 7:30
280 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ

Thank you,
Melissa Surach

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