Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cory Booker

Last night I met Newark's mayor Cory Booker. He was my second choice. I wanted to talk to Mayor Healy, who was hanging around trying to win back the artist community. He was casually dressed, and looked one wardrobe decision away from wearing a tie-dye shirt.

I just missed Healy, so I was stuck with Cory. I was weirded out by his blue contacts and that he was hanging out at a bar in Jersey City when there was a protest in Newark after 6 people got shot over night, but he is still handsome.

"Hi Cory Booker. My name is Melissa Surach."

"Melissa Surach. That's a good name."

"It was bastardized when my family came to Ellis Island."

"What was it before?"


He repeated after me with an exaggerated gesture and his secret service men laughed at him.

"I have two things to ask you. First of all, say hi to Obama for me."

"Will do."

"Secondly, I run a comedy show in Jersey City."

"You know, comedians and politicians have a lot in common, we're both in front of audiences trying to make them like us."

"Except you have money and power."

We laughed.

"Are you going to hang out with Healy?" I asked.

"Yeah, we're going to the Beer Garden."

"Can you ask him about my award? He'll probably know who I am."

He mumbled something and rudely walked away, considering the raport we'd built. I considered going to the Beer Garden to bother them some more, but I was already drunk.

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