Monday, March 23, 2009

My trip to the secret beach in Liberty State Park and the swans

A few weeks ago, I went to my favorite part of Liberty State Park, the secret beach. I call it the secret beach because no one wants to go there or knows how to get there.

If only the Hudson River weren't so disgusting and polluted, I'd go swimming and oystering there like the Lenape did until the Dutch ruined everything.

Here's pictures.

These are some dead mussels and broken glass in the sand of the secret beach.

Here's a door I found. There were also 100 year-old bricks every where. And garbage, mostly broken glass. Parts of the beach smelled like sewer.

This is Dirty Dog. He loved the beach. He ran all over in circles peeing on things. He also kept eating things he found, but I could never figure out what he was eating and he'd swallow it too fast. I assumed it was dead mussels and he smelled like fish for a week afterward. His breath was horrendous.

On the way back to the car, we passed by the man made pond and saw these swans in it. Upon my research, I subsequently found out that they are married (swans are monogamous and mate for life) and nesting and will have swan babies in Liberty State Park in a few weeks!

When the swans saw us, they got close and closer. We were worried that they would attack us like geese and they looked like they wanted to eat our dogs. We got scared and left. Maybe they were just begging for food.

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