Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a Jersey City treasure!

I posted my video on JC List and all of the reviews that printed were very nice and someone even called me a Jersey City Treasure. It's true! See here!

That's even nicer than when Another Man's Treasure called me "Jersey City's Comedic Sensation" in a pamphlet to get people to go to a reading I did there.

I used to say, "Thanks, Jersey City," sarcastically in response to getting attacked on stage when I used to host the Waterbug. But now I will mean it when I say it.

And yes, I will be starting a petition to force City Hall to give me an award.

Since I got over 200 hits on one of the videos in like, a day, I made a new Outtake and I'll do another one from the Pride Festival as background about Exchange Place today.

I have video of an interview I did with Steve Fulop, but the tape that has the primary audio is messed up and won't capture. I hope I can salvage it. It was a good one.

For now, I'm only working on the "Hey! It's Jersey City." event guide when an event happens. In the future I hope to do more of the travel guide (they didn't seem to mesh well when I tried it earlier). The travel thing will have to be more planned out. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on sketches that don't necessarily have to do with Jersey City.

If you notices that my website is featured on the videos and that it doesn't work, it's because I need to reformat it and I am terrible at web stuff. It should be up by next week.

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