Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh, what a sad bar scene!

Thanks to someone for mentioning me in the JC List Bar Fight, What Happened To Lucky 7's? Thread.

Yes, Cisco and I will provide you with a delightful time when you are there. But most of the time you are not. Last night, we had a total of 6 customers all night long. And I had to chain one to his stool to get him to stay!

I think the reason the bar scene sucks is the people who own and frequent the bars. If only there were 100's of me's.

Also, this is Jersey. Beer should be cheap. What's up with establishments charging $5 and upwards for a pint so you can sit in their empty bar and listen to their bad music? I blame THAT on the people with money moving into the neighborhood. You think you're so great with your jobs. Look at what your dirty money's done.


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Louis James said...

100's of you's! Yes!! If there were, I bet I'd get lucky with at least one of them.