Friday, October 19, 2007

Fruit Flies: The Gayest Flies Of All

If you have slept over my house the past week or so, you may have woken up with flies on your face, like an Ethiopian. If I were an Ethiopian, I would eat these flies. And if I were a fly, I'd eat an Ethiopian. But I would never eat a potato.

There are several possible sources of flies in my apartment: The drain that won't unclog, the dishes I refuse to wash, the food Dirty hides, the garbage I neglect to take out, etc. But none of them, not even considered altogether, could explain the abundance of flies.

I had pretty much just taken it as some sort of paranormal infestation until today when I found a bag of rotting potatoes in a cabinet. It was host to 1,000's of flies, and all sorts of disgusting smells, and basically, a normal infestation.

I think the smell of rotting potatoes is probably the closest to rotting flesh. But you could try to prove me wrong.

When I touched the bag to throw it away, it was wet.

This is the second time this has happened to me in as many years. The first time, I thought there was a dead mouse in the wall. I should probably stop trying to prove to myself that I like potatoes because I obviously don't. But they're so cheap!

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