Monday, November 29, 2010

Study: Over 1 in 3 SAfrican Men Admit to Rape

Even though Jersey City makes me want to cut myself, at least I don't live in a place where people "rape out of boredom."

Jesus Christ South Africa! Get it together! Get some PSA's or something.

According to CBS, Over 1 in 3 SAfrican Men Admit to Rape.

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Anonymous said...

I think Jersey City is actually a serious stronghold of rape by compulsion... be it physical or psychological. Not that the same trend isn't raging out of control on a global scale; what may be more frightening is the ability of these men to admit their actions openly. As it speaks to the sanctioned violence of the male psyche, the power of manipulation, especially in the case of aggression against women, is, I agree, perversely frightening in these modern times we share.