Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snubbed yet again. Oh, Hudson Reporter, am I not good enough for your typos?

I don't know if you read the big news in the Midweek Reporter this week, but COMEDY IS FINALLY COMING TO JERSEY CITY!

You may be wondering, "What about BabyHole, the comedy show listed on the right of this screen? And, more importantly, what about Melissa Surach? I love her and never get enough of hearing about her."

I agree. I never tire of hearing about me either. Yet, in the first paragraph of this story about Catch a Rising Star Comedy Show, me, Melissa Surach, and my show, BabyHole, were conspicuously omitted. We weren't mentioned in the second paragraph either, or the third. Instead, Stockinette's Comedy Night was mentioned, as well as Art House, despite the fact that Art House doesn't have comedy shows and BabyHole is the longest running comedy show in Jersey City and I have a comedy award from the city. (The story of my award was reported in every other paper. Yes, it's true: City Council voted unanimously to honor me, and the Reporter should as well. )

But besides all that, The Reporter has been listing my comedy show in its events section for two years. Shouldn't some one have noticed the error?* In addition, they printed my Letter to the Editor this summer, in which I stated who I was, bragged about my comedy show, and nagged them about giving me and award.

The new comedy show is called Catch a Rising Star and it's at Michael Anthony's, which has yacht parking. Seriously. The show is $25 and there's a two-item-minimum, which will probably add an extra $20 at least. Here's a picture of the host. It's ironic that for a show called "Catch a Rising Star," the stars are 85-years-old. For the entrance fee, and old, experienced comedians, it should be decent talent. But I'd take the budget-night out at BabyHole over it any day. I'm partial.

*Well, they've only kind of listed my show in the Event Section. They refused to print BabyHole, so it's called BH Open Mic, and the information is from two years ago because they won't update it even after I emailed them the changes five times. I hope people aren't knocking on the now-defunct Toy Eaters doors every Tuesday.

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