Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Greetings from me and Dirty Dog!

Happy holidays!

There's no picture, but imagine I sent you a postcard of Dirty Dog on Santa's lap. That Santa is me, dressed as Santa. I'll actually take the picture when my intern gets over swine flu pneumonia and is strong enough to click to make the picture.

By the way, here's a genius idea for someone. Can someone please make a photo spread of pets in holiday outfits in winter scenery? I really want to see a cat dressed like menora, bunnies with big snowflakes on their foreheads, and dogs in Christmas dresses on my lap (as I'm dressed like Santa, of course). I don't really know what Kwanzaa or the Muslim holiday this month is about, but if they can be made into themes for adorable animal pictures, please include it.

I would do it myself, but I'm busy making gifts. I'm super broke for the holidays, so as usual, everything's DIY. I'm up to my boobs in shell jewelry at the moment, but also expect some snow "globes" (jars from dollar store food), and crayon portraits.

Happy Winter Holiday!

May your New Year be better than mine.

Melissa and Dirty

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