Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey Tom Scharpling, thanks for stealing my thunder!

Last night's BabyHole was the worst on record. It was a horrible show.

In addition to being moved to the dining room/stairwell landing and starting late (we had to wait for dinner service to be over), WFMU's Best Show had a party on the roof that was apparently more exciting than BabyHole and everyone ignored me as they stamped through my show on the way up the stairs.

Now, I know that everyone loves WFMU, and that Tom Scharpling's Best Show is good, and he keeps company with fancy celebrities and Ted Leo played live. Big deal.

Everyone with shaggy hair, tattoos and ironic glasses from Jersey City and Hoboken, my usual audience, were stolen by him. Well I hope you all got laid. Good job.

Several regular BabyHolers, including Dancing Tony and fellow Jersey City comedians Upset Triangle asked me, "Is BabyHole going on?"

I replied, "Yeah are you coming?"

"No, we're going up to the roof."

After repeating this conversation a few times, I gave up on my show and went up to the roof with them.


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